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I have created this website to show off my projects, skills and personal story. All the data is stored in Azure Tables and Blob storage, so all I need to add new projects is edit that data. I use ASP.NET as backend, vanilla JS as frontend. I also use anime.js and vue-network.js libraries.

Lead Generation SystemServerless System

During my Enterprise with Pointe Pest Control, my team has created an event-driven, cloud-based system that generates sales leads for Pointe Pest, which amounts to $60,000 annual revenue, and compounding.

Radical;GateAR Technology

Radical;Gate is my Capstone Project. It is an AR technology that let's users encode various media, like images, into a QR-like code. Radical;Gate received the Industry Partner Selection award when I presented it on Capstone Invitational as the top project in my school.

Game CompendiumTracker Website

As a school project, I have teamed up with classmates to create a website called Video Game Compendium that allows users to track what games they own, create collections of games, comment on others' profiles and collections, and other features.