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Radical;GateAR Technology

Radical;Gate is my Capstone Project. It is an AR technology that let's users encode various media, like images, into a QR-like code. Radical;Gate received the Industry Partner Selection award when I presented it on Capstone Invitational as the top project in my school.

Stardust Demolition3D Simulation, Arcade

Stardust Demolition is a 3D arcade game where you control a demolition monster truck! Destroy as much you can within 1 minute. Physics and graphics in Stardust Demolition are heavily optimized in order to allow hundreds of thousands of interactable objects to be in the scene at one time. The game also features 3 skins and 2 game modes.

Color WarsMultiplayer Shooter

Color Wars is a multiplayer Android game that is based on the RGB pallette. Every player is trying to recolor the others and turn them into the same color

NewoldPlatformer, Shooter

Newold is a 3D labyrinth shooter game. It combines classic 2D platformers with first person shooters. The game features 100 levels, over 10 various traps and 2 active enemy types.

Goblin FormationArcade, RPG

Goblin Formation is a 2D army formation game that turns you into a goblin general. Command your troops, create armies, change formations.