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C# Java Unity Android

Dungeon ClickerArcade, Clicker

Dungeon Clicker is a simple, but well-polished game. It implements Google Play Game Services like Leaderboards, Achievements, Cloud Gamesave and Ads.

ShortapArcade, Clicker

Shortap is an addictive reaction arcade for Android. Shortap tests your speed and precision with clean, material design UI.

Tank HuntArcade

Tank Hunt is a simple game made in a week. It has nice visuals and fun gameplay.

Color WarsMultiplayer Shooter

Color Wars is a multiplayer Android game that is based on the RGB pallette. Every player is trying to recolor the others and turn them into the same color

The Way to UgandaArcade, Runner

The Way to Uganda is a runner game that features over 10 characters, 7 maps and unique soundtracks. This game reached 150K downloads on Play Store before it was taken down by bogus claims from Sega.

Upside DownArcade, Runner

UpsideDown is a runner that features 5 different characters, 4 customization hats and 3 power-ups. This was my first ever released game.