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Crypto VisionBrowser Extension

Crypto Vision is a browser extension that helps you seamlessly calculate fiat price of cryptocurrency. The extension has 2 modes - Search Bar and Highlighter and supports top 1000 cryptos by market cap.

Iron Age ArchiveWebsite, Video Collection Generator

Iron Age Archive is a website I built for a friend who wanted to auto collect videos from different platforms to be viewable in one location without extra junk. This website supports adding videos from Youtube, Bitchute and Odyssey sites, adding subscriptions to channels from those sites, creating playlists of videos, custom titles and much more to come! I used PHP backend, hosted the website on Heroku, storing data in a MySQL database and the visuals are done in simple HTML/CSS/JS.


I have created this website to show off my projects, skills and personal story. All the data is stored in Azure Tables and Blob storage, so all I need to add new projects is edit that data. I use ASP.NET as backend, vanilla JS as frontend. I also use anime.js and vue-network.js libraries.

Lead Generation SystemServerless System

During my Enterprise with Pointe Pest Control, my team has created an event-driven, cloud-based system that generates sales leads for Pointe Pest, which amounts to $60,000 annual revenue, and compounding.

Radical;GateAR Technology

Radical;Gate is my Capstone Project. It is an AR technology that let's users encode various media, like images, into a QR-like code. Radical;Gate received the Industry Partner Selection award when I presented it on Capstone Invitational as the top project in my school.