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Sorcerer's StrongholdVirtual Reality, First Person Shooter

Sorcerer's Stronghold is a VR game for Oculus Quest. The player takes role of a sorcerer who is defending his tower using various magic. The game features 3 spells and 10 different enemies.

CyberRussia 20803D, Quest, Visual Novel

CyberRussia 2080 is a 3D, visual novel quest game. CyberRussia was developed for a gamedev competition called Molnija Jam and won 1st place. The story follows Slavka, a dispossessed young man from the year 2080, who decides to change and improve his life. Disclaimer: the game is fully in Russian.

Game CompendiumTracker Website

As a school project, I have teamed up with classmates to create a website called Video Game Compendium that allows users to track what games they own, create collections of games, comment on others' profiles and collections, and other features.

Color WarsMultiplayer Shooter

Color Wars is a multiplayer Android game that is based on the RGB pallette. Every player is trying to recolor the others and turn them into the same color