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Automation Engineer at RockstarDistributed Codebuilder and Smoketester

At Rockstar Games, I worked on a distributed building and testing system. For every commit of the game code, we needed to compile a massive project including engine code, assets and game scripts for 10+ platforms, and then smoketest each of those with hundeds of tests, in as little time as possible. My work consisted of improving and creating tools using C# and WPF that helped manage this massive fleet of VMs and provided timely and meaningful feedback to the game developers.

Iron Age ArchiveWebsite, Video Collection Generator

Iron Age Archive is a website I built for a friend who wanted to auto collect videos from different platforms to be viewable in one location without extra junk. This website supports adding videos from Youtube, Bitchute and Odyssey sites, adding subscriptions to channels from those sites, creating playlists of videos, custom titles and much more to come! I used PHP backend, hosted the website on Heroku, storing data in a MySQL database and the visuals are done in simple HTML/CSS/JS.

RizePoint InternshipBackend Development

While interning at RizePoint, I have worked on updating their backend to support modern TLS version. I have also helped out with API development and bug fixing.